2 bedroom apartment in Scarab, Gouna by the pool

Egypt / EL GOUNA / Scarab Club / Red Sea


first floor, swimming pool view, finished, with kitchen and bathroom installed, 87 sq m apartment, 111 sq m total area, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, private parking, security

What makes the Scarab Club such a unique place? It’s the experience of total luxury in the safety and individuality of a completely private environment. The compound is laid out like a small oriental city, with every modern living requiremt taken care of. Each Scarab Club apartment enables you to fulfill your own design and living space. The architecture is a modern reinterpretation of traditional Arabic elements, offering an almost unlimited framework for individual design. From minimalism to oriental luxury, anything is possible. No matter how guests choose to decorate, all apartments feature luxurious facilities and amenities made with the highest quality material, stunning views of the pools and a private outdoor space that is shielded from public view.

LOCATION: Scarab Club is situated inside the walls of the exclusive El Gouna Mansions. El Gouna is located 22KM north of Hurghada International Airport.

LIFESTYLE: there are a few places on earth where everything harmonizes perfectly: landscape, weather, ambience, infrastructure and cultural offerings. El Gouna is one of those places. Founded 20 years ago and coined the “Venice of the Red Sea,” it is a masterpiece of nature-conscious architecture and luxury. Once voted the most ecofriendly city in Egypt, El Gouna is designed and run according to strong ecological principles. Its landscaping and architecture are inspired by nature, and yet the town’s culture is anything but dry and dull.

GOLF: El Gouna’s 18-hole championship course boasts year-round golfing in a setting where players can feast their eyes on stunning views of mountains and endless water as the course challenges the strength, ingenuity, and skill of novice and professional alike. Gene Bates and Fred Couples designed El Gouna’s course with every level of golfer in mind, from the beginner looking to try out the game for the first time to the advanced golfer playing the tournament circuit. The course boasts three different men’s and ladies’ tees, carefully placed bunkers, lagoons, and desert rough, all designed to challenge the individual at his or her own level.

MARINA: Drop anchor in El Gouna, where two marinas and a pristine harbor town offer seafarers the Red Sea’s best in service, comfort and style. Boasting multiple marinas, comprehensive services, and an aesthetically unified harbor town designed by Italian architect Alfredo Freda, El Gouna has quickly become a favorite docking place for pleasure craft traversing the Red Sea. SPA: Rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit at one of El Gouna’s spas, where simple beauty, ultra-modern equipment, and treatments from all over the world serve to nurture your inner and outer self. Try a desert sand massage and relax in a beautiful Turkish bath if it’s a Middle Eastern experience you crave, or sample influences from a little farther east with a massage designed to strengthen your inner chi. Whatever your taste, our spas are sure to provide you with an experience to remember.

RESTAURANTS & BARS: Your palate will not suffer during your time in El Gouna—quite the opposite! The resort is home to a stunning variety and excellent quality of cuisine, with over 100 different dining outlets to choose from ranging from fine cuisine to casual dining as well as a variety of cafes and coffee shops.

HOTELS: El Gouna is host to 14 hotels as diverse in atmosphere and amenities as they are singular in award-winning style. Whether you’re attracted to an intimate inn with the waterfront elegance of the marina, a hotel with traditional Arab architecture, or the sprawling luxury of a five-star beachfront resort, you’ll find that there are accommodations to suit every mood and budget&


87 sq m apartment
111 sq m total area


Konut Özellikleri
  • Batı
  • Doğu
  • Güney
  • Kuzey
Dış Özellikler
  • Asansör
  • Engelliye Uygun
  • Güvenlik
  • Hidrofor
  • Isı Yalıtım
  • Jeneratör
  • Kablo TV - Uydu
  • Kapalı Garaj
  • Kapıcı
  • Kreş
  • Otopark
  • Oyun Parkı
  • Ses Yalıtımı
  • Siding
  • Spor Alanı
  • Su Deposu
  • Tenis Kortu
  • Yangın Merdiveni
  • Yüzme Havuzu (Açık)
  • Yüzme Havuzu (Kapalı)
İç Özellikler
  • ADSL ( Asimetrik Sayısal Abone Hattı )
  • Ahşap Doğrama
  • Alarm ( Hırsızlara karşı )
  • Alarm ( yangına karşı )
  • Amerikan üsulu mutfak
  • Ankastre Fırın
  • Balkon
  • Barbekü
  • Beyaz Eşya
  • Boyalı
  • Bulaşık Makinesi
  • Buzdolabı
  • Çamaşır Makinesi
  • Çamaşır Odası
  • Çelik Kapı
  • Duşakabin
  • Duvar Kağıdı
  • Ebeveyn Banyosu
  • Fiber İnternet
  • Fırın
  • Giyinme Odası
  • Gömme Dolap
  • Görüntülü Diafon
  • Hilton Banyo
  • Intercom Sistemi
  • Isıcam
  • Jakuzi
  • Kartonpiyer
  • Kiler
  • Klima
  • Laminat Zemin
  • Marley
  • Mobilya
  • Mutfak (Ankastre)
  • Mutfak (Laminat)
  • Mutfak Doğalgazı
  • Ştor pəncərələr
  • Parke Zemin
  • PVC Doğrama
  • Sauna
  • Seramik Zemin
  • Set üstü ocak
  • Şofben
  • Şömine
  • Spot Aydınlatma
  • Teras
  • Wi-Fi
  • Boğaz
  • Deniz
  • Doğa
  • Göl
  • Şehir
  • Alışveriş Merkezi
  • Belediye
  • Cami
  • Cemevi
  • Denize Sıfır
  • Eczane
  • Eğlence Merkezi
  • Fuar
  • Hastane
  • Havra
  • İlköğretim
  • İtfaiye
  • Kilise
  • Lise
  • Market
  • Park
  • Polis Merkezi
  • Sağlık Ocağı
  • Şehir Merkezi
  • Semt Pazarı
  • Spor Salonu
  • Üniversite
  • Anayol
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  • Cadde
  • Deniz Otobüsü
  • Dolmuş
  • E-5
  • Havaalanı
  • İskele
  • Marmaray
  • Metro
  • Metrobüs
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  • Otobüs Durağı
  • Sahil
  • TEM
  • Tramvay
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